In the true Hawaiian spirit let’s start it off with a warm ALOOOOOHA!

(that’s where you say it back…did you do it?…good. let’s continue!)

M-2People begin blogging for many different reasons. While some start to share recipes and DIY crafts, others start to make themselves try something new. I am the latter of the two. I am sure I am not the only one but I have a horrible habit of wanting to try so many things and then never do. I have a whole Pinterest board to prove it! Painted Elephants on Parade is not only for sharing my experiences as I try new things but to hopefully inspire others to do the same. If every person tried something new every single day, I feel there would be more stories, more adventures and day to day life would become more exciting.

We here at Painted Elephants on Parade want you to be inspired. If we can inspire even just one person to go out and have an adventure or to try something new; our goal will be complete. Not only myself, but our awesome contributors can help you learn everything from how to do that perfect smoky eye look to swapping out an old light fixture for a new ceiling fan. How would you like to delve into the world of New Zealand or see beautiful photos of the sunset on the North Shore? Maybe even just finding a fool proof recipe for apple pie. All of these things and so much more can be found here at Painted Elephants on Parade where our daily goal is to inspire our readers to think outside the box and create and make their dreams a reality.

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